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Venus Face Mask

Approx Price: Rs 29.00 / Piece(s) 
We are counted as one of the top ranked importers, suppliers and exporters of an extensive array of Industrial Safety products such as Venus Face Mask V-410-SLV Class FFP1. Our safety products are widely applauded for the features like high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and added safety. We procure our safety masks, helmets and jackets from some renowned vendors, who make these products using cutting edge technology. Our all safety products are made in different designs and tensile strengths so as to cater the varied demands of the customers.

Salient features:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • High tensile strength
  • Added safety

Product specification:

  • Venus V-410-SLV Class FFP2 comfort fold flat respirator more.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: V-410-SLV

Safety Masks

Approx Price: Rs 25.00 / Piece(s) 

We are engaged in offering various types of Face Masks, Safety Masks, Disposable Masks & Swine Flu Masks, which are available in various colors as per clients’ specific requirements. These masks are manufactured using quality raw material latex, which ensures that these masks won’t harm the skin if worn for longer period of time.

Technical specifications:

  • Disposable Mask - 1 ply 2 ply 3 ply - blue ,green, white color

Our range of face masks is mentioned below

  • Surgical face mask
  • Disposable Matty cloth mask
  • All types of Venus dusk mask
  • Dust or fume masks
  • PVC gas mask
  • Dusk mask
  • Respiratory mask
  • 3 M Mask

    Our Various Masks are mentioned below

    • Particulate respirator mask
    • Fold flat particulate respirators
    • Particulate valved respirators
    • Fold flat style particulate valved respirators
    • Universal cup style particulate respirator
    • Fold flat style valved respirators for welding fumes
    • Fold flat style valved respirator for painting mist
    • Cup style respirators
    • Cup style particulate respirators cup
    • P style particulate valved respirators
    • Premium cup type particulate valved respirator
    • Universal cup style respirator for odour

      Welding Mask

      Approx Price: Rs 40.00 / Piece(s) 
      Our range of Welding Mask are designed for wearers comfort thus providing a corresponding increase in wear time by maintaining a cool atmosphere within the respirator. Used in many operations like sawing, drilling, sanding and grinding, these safety mask, welding mask, safety face masks also find applications when there are thermally produced fumes, such as those from welding, oxy cutting or smoke.

      Disposable Mask

      Approx Price: Rs 1.5 / Piece(s) 
      Manufacturing face mask, face mask, surgical mask, medical mask, disposable mask, disposable face mask, doctor mask, non woven mask, safety mask, industrial mask, 1-ply mask, 2-ply mask, 3-ply mask, 4-ply mask, ear-loop mask, elastic mask and tie mask.
      • Available in 1 ply / 2 ply / 3 ply
      • Color - blue, green & white
      Important Note:

      In order to prevent post-operative wound infections in patients, the medical fraternity should demand for 3 ply face mask with bfe > 99% with international accreditation such as CE mark and appropriate test reports.

      Packing: tie-on and ear-loop masks are available in 100pcs packing.

      Ear Plug

      Approx Price: Rs 250.00 / Piece(s) 


      • Disposable foam ear plug – 3 M 3110 Coded. The comfortable fit of soft foam ear plugs with the convenience of a cord. Recommended for high noise situations (up to 100 dBA TWA).
      • Reusable ear plug
      • Banded replaceable foam ear plug
      • Ear muff classic
      • Ear muff helmet attachable
      • Face shield for grinding
      • Face shield with helmet
      • Helmet with welding shield
      • Helmet with ear muff & face shield

      Spartan E-40

      Spartan E-40 is used for general purpose which is manufactured as per EN 352-1. Is is being tested against various parameters. Due to low headband pressure and specially designed cushions, these can be worn for a long duration. Moreover, personal adjustment can be made by moving the cups up and down

      Elegant ET-60 ear muff

      Elegant WT – 60 Ear muff is designed to offer excellent noise attenuation combined with long-term wearer comfort. It is Complying to EN 352-3. It can be adjusted to suit the comfort and preference of the individual wearer. These can also be suspended over the helmet when not in use to eliminate contact with dirty helmet, reducing contamination and cushioning distortion. The muff can be mounted on helmets with universal slots.

      Elegant ET-50 ear muff


      Elegant ET 50 to provide excellent noise attenuation combined with long-term wearer comfort. These comply to EN 352-3 and can be customized to be used with only Ultra Helmets. These can also be adjusted to suit the comfort and preference of the individual wearer.

      Ear Muff

      Approx Price: Rs 360.00 / Piece(s) 
      General purpose Ear Muff  is manufactured as per EN 352-1. These are being tested on various parameters before supplying them to the clients. Due to low headband pressure and specially designed cushions, these can be worn for a long duration. Moreover, personal adjustment can be made by moving the cups up and down.

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: Spartan-E-40

      Ear Muff

      Approx Price: Rs 360.00 / Piece(s) 

      • Light weitht earmuff to filter hazardous noise
      • Economical model
      • No exposure of metal parts
      • Can be worn alone or with helmets, welding helmets of face shields
      • Adjustable ear-cups
      • soft foam-filled cushions and large ear-cup openings to provide greater protection and comfort
      • Noise Reduction Rating 23 dB

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: ET-20

      Disposable Aprons

      Approx Price: Rs 15.00 / Piece(s) 
      Made from non-woven spun bond, sms, spun lace and laminated spun bond fabrics. Neck-hole for insertion of neck. Two laces at the back for tying of knot.  


      • Half apron (up to the thighs) and
      • Full apron (up to the knees)
      • Dental apron - with adhesive stickers which get adhered to the clothes of the patient but do not remove the fibers

      Disposable Shoe Covers

      Approx Price: Rs 2.00 / Pair(s) 
      Polyethylene disposable shoe covers (made from 100% virgin recyclable high density polyethylene)

      • In Sterile environment of pharma companies
      • In hospitals, nursing homes
      • To pack brand new shoes



      • Up to Ankle high
      • Up to Knee high


      • Blue, Green, and Natural opaque(translucent)

      Specifications of Raw Material:

      • HDPE, LDPE

      PP Mask

      Approx Price: Rs 2.00 / Piece(s) 

      The PP Face Mask (Cotton Face Mask) offered by us are highly appreciated by the customers. These products are extensively used in pharma companies and hospitals. Further, our products are efficient in protecting the individual from infectious droplets caused during coughing or sneezing. Customers can avail these products in various sizes as per their needs.

      Some of the notable features of our products include


      • Durability
      • Protection against chemical splashes
      • Easy and comfortable fit

      Fold Flat Respirators

      Approx Price: Rs 7.00 / Piece(s) 
      It is widely used where solids particles & non oil based liquids particles from sprays - tested for mean particle size of 0.6 Microns.


      • Color : Yellow/Grey
      • Weight : Below 7 gms
      • Breathing Resistance :Inhalation
      • @ 30 lpm < 60 Pa.
      • @ 95 lpm < 210 Pa. -
      • Exhalation - @ 160 lpm < 300 Pa.
      • Filtering efficiency :More than 80 % IS 9473:2002 approved more

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: V-44
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